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Best Indie Game - Thumbnail of Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush

| December 3 | Comments (0)

Nitronic rush has a pretty interesting story that I thought I’d share before I stated the review. Some DigiPen students created a very early version of Nitronic Rush for school project, and decided to post their results online. Suddenly, they received massive support, backing and encouragement. Powered by the internet, these students went on to […]

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Best Indie Game - Proun Media Slider


| August 29 | Comments (0)

Proun, is the product of one man’s weekends over the course of six years of development time. Fast-paced and fun, this game is definitely could be the best indie game for some. The game is a racing game, where your goal is to race a ball across a track which is actually a tube, as […]

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