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Best Indie Game - Screenshot of OIO


| October 24 | Comments (0)

OIO is a puzzle platformer made by the French dev Uncanny Games. The game is kind of like machinarium, in the sense that a lot of the value of the game comes from the atmoshpere, art style, and magnificent aesthetics. The game feels simple and styled with no clashing of graphics. OIO has┬ánothing┬áthat really is […]

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Best Indie Game- Screenshot of Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crayon Physics Deluxe

| August 30 | Comments (0)

Puzzle games are usually chosen by indie developers because with their limited budget and workforce creating outstanding graphics and gameplay to match a mainstream FPS would be difficult, if not impossible. But this does not mean that most puzzle games are bad. A unique indie game with an interesting mechanic or one that has great […]

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Best Indie Game - Osmos Media Slider


| August 20 | Comments (0)

You’ve probably heard of this type of game; big fish eat small fish and grow bigger, to eat bigger fish. This time, Hemisphere Games brings us a top indie game called Osmos: you are a single-celled organism (a mote) and have to propel yourself around and absorb smaller motes in order to complete the goal, […]

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