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Best Indie Game - Screenshot of OIO


| October 24 | Comments (0)

OIO is a puzzle platformer made by the French dev Uncanny Games. The game is kind of like machinarium, in the sense that a lot of the value of the game comes from the atmoshpere, art style, and magnificent aesthetics. The game feels simple and styled with no clashing of graphics. OIO has nothing that really is […]

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Best Indie Game - Screenshot of Achron


| September 21 | Comments (0)

What sets apart Indie games from normal titles is their innovation. Huge companies can’t afford to sink resources into creating a game that might flop, but indie developers can. This is what Hazardous did with Achron. In Achron, you control commander of Capt. Holloway and his forces.  You must guide Holloway through 35 single player missions […]

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| August 31 | Comments (0)

Toribash is a physics based, turn by turn, meticulous and extremely customizable fighting game by indie developer Hampus Söderström. With the ability to individually control joints and muscles, Toribash allows a huge array of possible moves, some that can be amazingly spectacular. It really is a shame that the game has such a steep learning […]

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Best Indie Game - Braid Media SLider


| August 26 | Comments (0)

  Number None, Inc. brings us a beautiful indie game called Braid. Released on April 10, 2009, it showcases beautiful painting work, a deep, rich story as well as a great puzzle scenarios. It is definitely one of the best indie games in my list. The goal of this game is to collect all the […]

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