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Best Indie Game - Demolition Inc. Screenchot

Demolition Inc.

| October 17 | Comments (0)

Demolition inc is a quite the game. A brief synopsis, you are Mike, and you must wreck the earth. Sounds fun. Silliness will ensue. This physics based game is reminiscent of Blast Corps and Destroy All Humans. The storyline is simple, you are an alien who won a contract to level earth to create an […]

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Best Indie Game - Screenshot of Hammerfight

September’s Best Indie Game: Hammerfight

| October 6 | Comments (0)

Hammerfight is a two-dimensional physics-based indie game produced by Konstantin Koshutin, released in September of 2009. Previously known as Hammerfall, players control a gyroscope flying machine, on which deadly weaponry are mounted, not limited to hammers, swords, and maces. The general idea of the game, is that your character embarks upon scenarios in which you […]

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