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Best Indie Game - Screenshot of Achron
What sets apart Indie games from normal titles is their innovation. Huge companies can’t afford to sink resources into creating a game that might flop, but indie developers can. This is what Hazardous did with Achron.

In Achron, you control commander of Capt. Holloway and his forces.  You must guide Holloway through 35 single player missions typical of any other RTS title. Seems standard, but what separates Achron from the rest is one amazing feature. Time Travel. At the bottom of the screen is a timeline that lets you control what time it is, which is very useful for fighting enemies, as it can act as one huge and giant Ctrl + Z. Woops, all my soldiers just died, lemme re try that bit! My god, my base just exploded, better go back in time and save it! If you make a mistake, just one click can bring you back and lets you fix it, kind of the opposite of Frozen Synapse.
Best Indie Game - Screenshot of Achron
This game has kind of a steep learning curve at the start, but once you figure it out this game is great fun. Three unique races keep the game fun challenging and refreshing, and you get to use all three at some time or other in the campaign. The Graphics are fine, not exactly exceptional but mediocre.  The soundtrack is quite amazing, and really adds to the gameplay. There is a complete multiplayer package with 16 maps and a map editor and many other features. There are problems with this game too though. Units are almost impossible to tell apart without zooming in all the way. Path finding can at times be absolutely gobsmackingly hearstoppingly facemeltingly atrocious. Experienced RTS players will feel this game has much to work on, as some of its fundamental RTS aspects need some working. The game is easy in the sense that you are guided almost every step of the way. Noobs will like this, but anyone with even a Modicum of RTS experience will feel frustrated and limited. Ironically there is no instruction manual. Opening cut scenes cannot be skipped and have to be watched every time you want to play a level. But most of this is all nit-picking. This game does have a unique gameplay aspect in the form of time travel, and past the few small bugs, glitches and weird quirks this game is quite good. Although is it worth 30 dollars? I don’t think so, but ti may very well be depending on how you like your games.


tl:dr Good game with a nice aspect, but there are glitches bugs and quirks that kind of ruin the game, but it has a very good gameplay mechanic. Mediocre graphics, great soundtrack




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